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We know from experience how important it is for a client to have a sense of what their budget will achieve.
So here's a rough guide with example videos we've made as to what kind of videos we regularly produce.

Interview with Illustrative Shots

Half-day shoot

Essentially, we'll come to your premises for half a day and shoot an attractive, well-lit interview using the latest camera, lighting and sound equipment. We'll even grab some shots of someone using relevant equipment or working through a process or sale, or just shots of your premises, to cut in with the interview.
What you get: An engaging 30s - 60s video with someone talking about your business, product or service, with illustrative shots.

The Promo/Planned Interviews with Illustrative Shots

1-2 days shoot

We'll do the same as the above, except we'll be able to film for up to two whole days. We can interview more staff, contributors and illustrative shots across several different locations. We will also do the thinking for you about how to approach the video, delivering you an impactful and emotionally engaging communication tool.
What you get: Either a slick 3-min promo or 3 x 60s videos with illustrative shots, bespoke music and graphics.

The Advanced Promo

3-4 days shoot

For those projects that require that bit more investment to really convey your message, we will film for three or more days in as many locations as we can fit in, filming as many contributors as possible, across the UK or overseas. We can deliver you, for example, a promo of up to 4-mins in length as well as multiple shorter 30s versions for use on social media.
What you get: A stunning film up to 4-mins in length and multiple short social media edits with which you can promote your business, products and services.

The Documentary

7 or more days shoot

With our extensive experience in documentary filmmaking, we can spend a significant period of time making you a longer film that goes in-depth into your business, enterprise, craft or way of working. Films like these are great tools for charities and social enterprises to send to supporters and show at fundraising events to maximally engage your audience's emotions and interest.
What you get: A 10 - 30min documentary/promo that grabs your audience and moves them to action.
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Feel free to ask us a question or pitch a project to us. We'd love to be in touch with you about your video needs, whatever stage you're at.
Tel: +44 (0) 7455 982733
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