-- Top 5 Things For Creative Young People To Do In Their Summer Holiday
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Top 5 Things For Creative Young People To Do In Their Summer Holiday

July 23, 2018


Okay. We get it. You're a creative kid. An arty teenager. An unusual adolescent. You've got a whole Summer staring you in the face and you're like, 'Oh man...' But not in the 'Oh man I'm-really-excited' kinda way but in the 'Oh man that's-a-long-time-and-I-don't know-what-to-do-I'm-literally-going-to-die-of-boredom-oh-look-there's-some-weird-goo-on-the-wall-maybe-if-I-just-touch-oh-no-#instantregret-anyway-what-was-I-saying' kind of way.


Panic over. Just keep calm and put that comic you've read 89 times this morning away. PUT IT AWAY!


Here's Far North Film's Top 5 Things For Creative Young People To Do With Their Summer Holiday. It's like, basically, the best thing you'll read all... Summer.


Disclaimer: Act on our suggestions at your own risk. We're not that cool.


5. PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY FOR A WHOLE 24 HOURS. Do it! We dare you. If you're serious about being creative you need to learn how to be bored again. Properly bored. Not scrolling through Instagram all day kinda semi-bored but still slightly engaged and bored at the same time. Put your phone away and go outside, just walk around. Take a notebook. Start drawing stuff. Write words, phrases down. Ideas for a film you could make tomorrow. A sketch. A youtube video. Don't be afraid to feel lonely. Get inside your head. See what's in there. Break through the pain. You'll be amazed what can happen in 24 hours, we promise. Your brain and your creativity will thank you.


4. DESIGN, BUILD AND PLAY YOUR OWN CRAZY GOLF COURSE. This is epic. It could even take you the whole summer. Find a space. A back garden. A field, somewhere. Come up with a concept for a crazy golf course e.g. circus themed, animal themed, technology themed. Design on paper four or 5 holes and the obstacles the putter will face. Then find the materials you need to build the course. Bits of old wood lying around. Egg boxes. Empty cans. String. You name it, you can use it. Then get your friends round to play on it. Happy fun times. (You'll need to make the golf clubs yourself. I recommend the handle of a household sweeping brush with a pad of reinforced sticky notes attached to the end).


3. TELL THE WORLD YOU'RE GOING TO LEARN A NEW SKILL AND THEN LEARN IT. Okay, I am going to ask you to go on Youtube. But not to waste time. Oh no. Type in a description of a new skill you want to learn and find a tutorial. Really work hard at getting good at it but before you start, tell your family, your friends, Facebook, Instagram - whoever, whatever - that this is what you're doing. And then set a performance or showcase date. That way everyone will keep you to it. No backing out. Just think, by the end of the Summer you could have learned how to... juggle, moonwalk, draw a horse, play a song, edit a photo. Or maybe even just learned 'how to be nice'.


2. GO SEE A FILM AT THE CINEMA. Stop YouTubing, Netflixing, Amazon Priming, Huluing, and ing-ing all over the shop all day. Look up the showtimes at your nearest cinema and go see a film. Seriously. It's like watching TV but WAY WAY BETTER. Maybe invite someone to go with you that you don't know that well. Not, like, a stranger - that's kinda weird. Invite someone you know from school or a club or whatever that you've never properly hung out together with. Get them along with your other friends maybe. It's called broadening your horizons, people, it's what creative folk are all about. Cinema. Friends. Done.


1. COME TO THE FAR NORTH FILM SCHOOL IN SHEFFIELD. Okay, so, maybe this is lame to include as number 1. Or maybe it's not. Maybe the Far North Film School - 4 days of filmmaking workshops led by professionals - is just about the coolest thing you'll do all Summer. We think it is. If you're into acting, filmmaking, editing, music/sound design, storytelling, writing etc. then this is a great opportunity to explore all these further. You get to make short films with other creative, like-minded youth and then show them at a screening for a parents and families on the last day. Check out our page 'Summer Film School' for more info and booking.


So that's it. Our Top 5 Things For Creative Young People To Do With Their Summer Holiday. Mega Hi-5 to anyone that manages all of these.


Being creative (that is, usually, not particularly 'sporty' or mainstream) is awesome. But you gotta make the most of it. So go on. We dare you ;)

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